Chapter 1: Source

Reinforcing Interconnections-This process involves consciously linking to the world, such as with a special greeting like ‘Aloha’, in order to strengthen and affirm unity consciousness and the oneness of all.

Fun and Games-These are playful activities that support greater awareness and thus conscious living through the powerful emotion of joy.

Love Link-It is the strongest unifying emotion that supports conscious living practice via connection to both ourselves and the world around us.

Resonance-This Key refers to the way a vibration generates a similar vibration elsewhere; it can support harmony in conscious living and is particularly powerful with the Love Link.

Free Will-This is the idea that we choose if and how our conscious living journey will manifest.

This or Something Better for the Greatest Good of All– This principle supports Free Will and aligns it with the best possible outcome in any situation; this Key is a cornerstone for conscious living.

Chapter 2: Earth

The Present-This Key signifies the process of focusing on the current moment of existence and all of the gifts or ‘presents’ inherent in that moment so that you can strengthen connections and thus unity consciousness.

Chapter 3: School

Energy Map-This Key indicates the vibrations, thoughts, words, and actions of anything or anyone, including ourselves, that chart a course others can follow, especially family and friends; this Key refers to multifaceted role modeling for conscious living.

Reflecting-This is the idea of how reality shows us or mirrors our current state of consciousness and the possible lessons we need to learn for our evolution in action.

Positive Attitude-This is gratitude, positive feedback, a smile or anything else that supports the Love Link.

Honesty and Trust-These are attributes of truthfulness and faith that drive the conscious living journey through the easiest route; we must be true to ourselves and trust in our journey to achieve the greatest success in conscious living.

Non-Resistance-It is an attitude of non-attachment that supports unity consciousness by simply letting things be as they are; this Key can involve other Keys including Positive Attitude, The Present, Free Will, and Honesty and Trust.

Chapter 4: Tools

Tool Chest-A figurative box, it includes or contains ideas, activities, techniques, and anything else you can imagine that promotes conscious living awareness and growth.

Inner Promptings-This is our intuitive or gut sense of something; this Key is a second cornerstone of conscious living practice and perhaps already a significant part of your life.

Chapter 5: Emotion

Unifying Emotion(s)-These are feelings that strengthen, integrate, and support unity consciousness; this involves taking responsibility for all of our emotions and choosing to emphasize those that are more unifying such as love or reverence.

Patience and Courage-These are the attributes of endurance and strength of character that take us from baby steps to soaring in conscious living.

Heart Help– This is a list of our favorite activities or things that make our hearts sing; this Key is especially valuable to promote healing and unity in the face of limiting emotions.

Humor-This is funniness that helps conscious livers maintain an easy and enjoyable conscious living practice.

I Release You to Your Own Process and I Receive You With Love-This is the practice of non-judgment that supports us in distancing ourselves from lessons and viewing all with love; this Key is a third cornerstone of conscious living practice.

Passion Power-This Key signifies the conscious use of zeal, that elixir of love mixed with fireworks, to fuel, guide, and enhance our evolutionary journey.

Chapter 6: Balance

Communication-It provides a means of maintaining balance for conscious living both with ourselves and with the world around us, commonly through the use of words but also including other means like silence, gestures, sounds, or pictures.

Chapter 7: Clarity

Inspiration and Imagination-This is the creative motivation and perception that enhances our conscious growth; the more we use our senses and emotions to access this Key the stronger and clearer our conscious living practice becomes.

Chapter 8: Ego

Evolving Ego-This is the sense of self that is consistent with growth and development in life school as opposed to the egg ego which is primarily concerned with self preservation.

Circular Current-This Key indicates how everything in life is connected and flows together, like breathing or the tides or family dynamics; this Key highlights the multi-directional nature of our interconnected world and the fluidity of The Present.

Chapter 9: Help

Ask, Give Thanks and Trust-This Key summarizes how to access help in conscious living by simultaneously requesting, expressing gratitude, and knowing assistance is at hand; it is usually accompanied by the Key This or Something Better For the Greatest Good of All and an open mind to recognize help no matter what its form.

Physical and Less Physical Help-This Key denotes that assistance is available through a broad range of sources in terms of both presence and perception, depending on how we tune the dial of our awareness.

Chapter 10: Practice

Story-It is a conscious living tale, either mine, yours, or someone else’s; it is essential for maximizing the use of Energy Maps, life school, evolution in action, and other conscious living practices.

Illumination– This refers to the moments of clarity which light the road of awareness, from a simple ‘ah ha’ to an epiphany.


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