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Unity Consciousness Support 1

We can support unity consciousness or the ONENESS of all in many ways. One way is to release fears that create separation and another is to Reinforce Interconnections* around us. As we integrate unity consciousness we strengthen our feeling of non-resistance. We arrive at a place where everyone’s choices are […]

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Unity Consciousness Practice

key to abundance

Supporting Abundance

One way to support abundance in life is to cultivate the belief and feeling of having abundance. I know this already and yet I woke up in the middle of the night recently concerned about having spent too much money the day before. What if I could have gotten it […]

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Learn to Play with Grace 2

I know a professional basketball player who replies with at least three thank you’s to every compliment. I have been continually impressed by his heartwarming enthusiasm. He taught me to say ‘thank you’ even when I might not agree with a compliment. For example, recently when I told him he […]

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Play with Grace