Unwrapping Conscious Living 1

An unwrapping (or unboxing) craze is sweeping the world right now with videos on the internet. Some involve unwrapping a plastic egg that contains small surprises. These have led me to speculate about unwrapping an egg labeled Conscious Living. I wonder what would be inside? Perhaps some heart shaped candy […]

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unwrapping CL

RI Tree

Reinforcing Interconnections 1

The other night I attended a gathering of friends that I believe left all of us feeling more strongly connected. The experience led me to focus on Reinforcing Interconnections (a Conscious Living Key) not only at social events but in everyday life because I want to feel like that all […]

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We are all connected. Not just ‘we’ as in people, but ‘we’ as in everything. Emphasizing this in daily living not only gives my life meaning and purpose but it makes me happy. In the past, I have sometimes picked my connections with so much care that I minimized any […]

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Cyprus Connections

Crayon Cookie

Crayon Cookies 1

The crayon cookies recipe is simple. Just melt crayons like mango tango, electric lime, and hot magenta together in a muffin tin. The result is a cookie so multifaceted and colorful that it is immediately forgiven for being inedible. The physical variations and color combinations remind me of the planet and people of Earth…perhaps the best crayon […]

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20/20 Clarity 1

The bill read twenty dollars and twenty cents. This perked me up after traveling for 30 hours. In the USA, the numbers 20/20 are associated with seeing clearly. I love identifying meaning through seemingly random numbers. It was a great homecoming gift. With gratitude and a smile I handed over twenty dollars […]

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Sunrise Clarity