Tots are great. Even the word is perfect…an ‘o’ decorated on each side with a ‘t’. A tot can bring out the best in us and love us despite our worst. We even get to have an inside tot (sometimes called our inner child). To locate yours simply remember one thing you loved when you […]

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Oakura seal(2)

Tangled Underwear 4

Despite my best intentions, sometimes I get tangled in my underwear. All engines are GO but it is as if the parking brake is on. I wobble and hop around. I have to step away to avoid tripping and falling on my face. Then I recall the wisdom of my father who said sometimes in life we just get tangled up in […]

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When I Was A Tree 6

When I was a tree I loved to feel the soil between my toes. The sun fed me, sap flowed like blood, and squirrels chased each other through my hair. The birds sang to me and deer nibbled at my feet. I drank plentiful clean water. The secrets of the […]

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Me Tree


Nourished 2

The first thing that flooded my senses was the sweet, earthy smell of recent rain. The second was the suddenly vibrant garden. After weeks of sunny weather, the plants seemed to be lapping up this new turn of events. Dust was settling and baby shoots were being nourished. Everything was shiny and green and dare I say… […]

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