Extreme Living 1

Extreme living has never been a goal of mine. I have enjoyed watching extreme sports and even trying a few. I have not been as comfortable with other extremes like extreme poverty or extreme wealth. Recently my outlook has changed. Why not accept a first class ticket or work in […]

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extreme living

Unity Consciousness Practice

Unity Consciousness Support 1

We can support unity consciousness or the ONENESS of all in many ways. One way is to release fears that create separation and another is to Reinforce Interconnections* around us. As we integrate unity consciousness we strengthen our feeling of non-resistance. We arrive at a place where everyone’s choices are […]

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Humor Peas 1

Sitting in traffic I saw a bumper sticker that said ‘Give Peas a Chance’. It made me smile but both the humor and the underlying message were forgotten when I got out of the car. In my hectic life the advice hardly seemed practical. Upon reflection, though, maybe the ‘Peas’ […]

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light of Humor


Non-Resistance Practice

Like many skills, conscious living takes practice. Recently I thought my son had won a competition but he finished second. It seemed that other factors affected the outcome which had nothing to do with the performance of the participants. At first I was upset, and then this became a practice […]

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