Reinforcing Interconnections

Reinforcing Interconnections 1

The other night I attended a gathering of friends that I believe left all of us feeling more strongly connected. The experience led me to focus on Reinforcing Interconnections (a Conscious Living Key) not only at social events but in everyday life because I want to feel like that all […]

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RI Tree

Unity Consciousness Practice

Unity Consciousness Support 1

We can support unity consciousness or the ONENESS of all in many ways. One way is to release fears that create separation and another is to Reinforce Interconnections* around us. As we integrate unity consciousness we strengthen our feeling of non-resistance. We arrive at a place where everyone’s choices are […]

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Pest Resistant Root Stock

I was talking with my brother the other day about a variety of citrus tree with a pest resistant root stock. He said that grafts of other citrus trees onto this species are flourishing. This provides a good analogy for conscious living. Grounding to the Earth and connecting with Source […]

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cemetary oak root stock

Sign Posts for Journey

Sign Posts for the Journey

The journey of awareness can lead into the heart. Below are some sign posts for this inner journey that I have found helpful. 1. Link with the feeling of grace through kindness, gratitude and heartfelt joy. 2. Reinforce Interconnections with the flow of a river, the wind or movement of […]

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We are all connected. Not just ‘we’ as in people, but ‘we’ as in everything. Emphasizing this in daily living not only gives my life meaning and purpose but it makes me happy. In the past, I have sometimes picked my connections with so much care that I minimized any […]

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Cyprus Connections