The Present

Forgiveness Formula

Forgiveness is a powerful Conscious Living Short Cut. Of course, forgiveness has been a cornerstone of religions and spiritual practices. Many contemporary programs, dealing with drug or alcohol addiction for example, use forgiveness as a tool to heal. I have found it helpful to have clear steps that can guide […]

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forgiveness jump

Hot Pool The Present

The Present Secret

Last week I learned a secret about The Present (a Conscious Living Key). I had driven out to soak in a hot pool off a rural road and found workers repairing a bridge next to the stream. I thought about leaving but I really wanted to swim. So after saying […]

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Sign Posts for the Journey

The journey of awareness can lead into the heart. Below are some sign posts for this inner journey that I have found helpful. 1. Link with the feeling of grace through kindness, gratitude and heartfelt joy. 2. Reinforce Interconnections with the flow of a river, the wind or movement of […]

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Sign Posts for Journey