tool chest

Drawing Conscious Living 3

When I was young we had a toy drawing tablet called an Etch A Sketch. You drew with a magnet in metallic grey powder within a contained box, then flipped it over to erase the drawing and begin again. It was fun spending hours creating an intricate design, but the […]

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CL Drawing Tablet

light of Humor

Humor Peas 1

Sitting in traffic I saw a bumper sticker that said ‘Give Peas a Chance’. It made me smile but both the humor and the underlying message were forgotten when I got out of the car. In my hectic life the advice hardly seemed practical. Upon reflection, though, maybe the ‘Peas’ […]

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Baby Steps 1

Sometimes baby steps are needed. Recently, I was trying to bound over hurdles to accomplish my goal. The effort was exhausting both physically and emotionally. I knew that people overcome similar or greater obstacles every day. I must have had panic in my eyes when my daughter stopped me and […]

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Baby Steps