Extreme Living 1

Extreme living has never been a goal of mine. I have enjoyed watching extreme sports and even trying a few. I have not been as comfortable with other extremes like extreme poverty or extreme wealth. Recently my outlook has changed. Why not accept a first class ticket or work in […]

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extreme living

key to abundance

Supporting Abundance

One way to support abundance in life is to cultivate the belief and feeling of having abundance. I know this already and yet I woke up in the middle of the night recently concerned about having spent too much money the day before. What if I could have gotten it […]

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Monsters 1

At certain times of day, from a certain angle, the surface of the ocean looks as if it is made of scales. Like a fish it has small shiny structured skin as far as the eye can see. With such an appearance and with the loud roar of the waves no wonder […]

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Sunrise Clarity

20/20 Clarity 1

The bill read twenty dollars and twenty cents. This perked me up after traveling for 30 hours. In the USA, the numbers 20/20 are associated with seeing clearly. I love identifying meaning through seemingly random numbers. It was a great homecoming gift. With gratitude and a smile I handed over twenty dollars […]

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When I Was A Tree 6

When I was a tree I loved to feel the soil between my toes. The sun fed me, sap flowed like blood, and squirrels chased each other through my hair. The birds sang to me and deer nibbled at my feet. I drank plentiful clean water. The secrets of the […]

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Me Tree