A Seagull’s Secret 2

008A seagull on the beach this morning taught me the secret of how to join a new group.

As the sun rose I watched a flock of terns resting on the sand. All were evenly spaced. All beaks pointed into the wind. A seagull landed nearby and sidled up seemingly trying to be part of the clique. The terns were a bit ruffled at first but eventually made space; a space that slowly shrank as adjustments were made for their new member.

I think we have all seen groups that we would like to be part of…perhaps they looked like they were having fun or learning something interesting, or my perfect combo, a group having fun learning. Maybe they were just heading in the same direction. Things like a neighborhood gathering, drum circle, coffee chat or play group come to mind.

The secret the seagull shared of how to join a new group was simple.

1. Make the effort to join. Perhaps, sidle up, offer a kind word or offer a smile.

2. Accept as natural that at first a few feathers might be ruffled or you might be given a wide berth as the group adjusts to the new addition.

3. Regardless of the cause, do not take aboard the ruffled feathers. In other words, allow others the right to choose how they feel.  Use the Conscious Living Key, I Release Them to Their Own Process and I Receive Them with Love.

4. Eventually, the group will notice that you are facing the same direction and through the healing power of love you will find your social life expanding.

The next time you want to join a new group remember how the seagull joined the terns. That is what I will do. Let me know how it works for you.


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2 thoughts on “A Seagull’s Secret

  • Hogan

    So true! I love the analogy!!! I think for me oftentimes I build it up in my mind how difficult it is to make new friends and be part of groups when it actually is pretty simple! Thank you!!

  • cgracelewis

    You are welcome! I also use ‘I release you to your own process and receive you with love’ in other situations. Yesterday I came across someone who was very angry. I think saying these simple words really helped diffuse the negative energy of the situation.