C Grace LewisHi, I am C Grace Lewis author of Conscious Living Short Cuts for You and Your Family.

I write about practical things you can do, individually and as a family, to support a conscious lifestyle. My philosophy is that living with greater awareness strengthens meaning, purpose and enjoyment in life.

Exploring this philosophy has taken me through teaching inner city gang kids, managing an organic food co-op, prison ministry, lawyering, and being a sheep wrangler and a massage therapist…although not all at the same time!

My life has been a bit of an odyssey, however, as a wife and mother, I feel like I have arrived in this moment to share a journey. It is a journey about opening my eyes and seeing each one of us as part of one interconnected world.

If this sounds interesting to you then come along and we will discover ways to love living a conscious life together. I will tweet with insights and short cuts to greater awareness. Let’s stay consciously connected!


About Kai


Hi, my name is Kai. I am the creation of a 3 year old’s imagination.

I was born blue but can wear any color of the rainbow depending on how I feel. You can see that I am cute. I love my big eyes, long legs and expressive hands.

I chose my name, Kai, because it means ‘keeper of the keys’ in some languages. It reminds me of the important work I do with C Grace. You can trust me to highlight important ideas and to help guide you on your conscious living adventure!


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