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2014-08-03 14.10.48Sometimes baby steps are needed. Recently, I was trying to bound over hurdles to accomplish my goal. The effort was exhausting both physically and emotionally. I knew that people overcome similar or greater obstacles every day. I must have had panic in my eyes when my daughter stopped me and said, “Baby steps”. She reminded me of what I had told her many times. It worked like magic. I realized I did not have to do it all at once. By taking baby steps my goal was achievable. ‘Baby steps’ is an important component of my Conscious Living Tool Chest (a Conscious Living Key). Perhaps, it can be helpful to you as well. If so please share the idea with others.

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Author of Conscious Living Short Cuts for You and Your Family. I write about practical things you can do, individually and as a family, to support a conscious lifestyle.

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