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CL Drawing TabletWhen I was young we had a toy drawing tablet called an Etch A Sketch. You drew with a magnet in metallic grey powder within a contained box, then flipped it over to erase the drawing and begin again. It was fun spending hours creating an intricate design, but the box only had two nobs, one for vertical and the other for horizontal, which made non-linear drawing difficult. Eventually I learned to control the knobs just right, creating a tension between the two in order to produce shapes like a circle. The result was imperfect but the idea was there.

Sometimes I feel like I am using the same process for conscious living. I want to accomplish a goal but do not have the exact tools required. I have to get creative with the knobs or tools available. My Conscious Living Tool Chest (a Conscious Living Key) contains a repertoire of helpful ideas in order to get me started. New tools also become apparent after I have begun to draw. Conscious living sees the world as an Etch A Sketch or drawing tablet. With practice we learn to turn the knobs any way we like to create whatever shapes we want. Drawing our conscious living masterpiece becomes manifesting our highest and best self. How do you draw conscious living?

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