Forgiveness Formula

forgiveness jumpForgiveness is a powerful Conscious Living Short Cut. Of course, forgiveness has been a cornerstone of religions and spiritual practices. Many contemporary programs, dealing with drug or alcohol addiction for example, use forgiveness as a tool to heal.

I have found it helpful to have clear steps that can guide me in my own practice of forgiveness.

1. Ask for forgiveness even if it feels like taking a big jump. Beware of the egg ego (the part of the ego whose sole concern is survival, contrasted with the Evolving Ego* which is associated with unity consciousness) because once you ask someone for forgiveness it could open a Pandora’s box of old hurt or fear. Injuries could be brought up that you did not know existed.

2. Stay in The Present* by repeating back what you hear in order to honor the other person’s perspective. You do not have to agree or explain.

3. Release Them to Their Own Process and Receive Them with Love*; in other words, listen with your heart.

4. Take responsibility for any injury you have caused even if unintended. Remember to forgive yourself as well.

5. Keep Communication* lines open by using words or taking a time-out if the process becomes too overwhelming.

Eventually moving through pain, anger and any resentment with forgiveness opens the door to unconditional love. Try this forgiveness formula or create one of your own and talk about the idea with others. When you invite the healing power of forgiveness into your life you support unity consciousness for us all.

(*Highlighted words are Conscious Living Keys)



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