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Play with GraceI know a professional basketball player who replies with at least three thank you’s to every compliment. I have been continually impressed by his heartwarming enthusiasm. He taught me to say ‘thank you’ even when I might not agree with a compliment. For example, recently when I told him he played a great game, he responded with gratitude even though he might have found fault with his performance.

Throughout the season (yes, I am a basketball fan) I noticed that his gratitude seemed to enhance his play. This taught me that when gratitude is amplified it looks and feels very much like grace…that feeling of living with unconditional love within the flow of life. Aside from the fact that watching someone play a sport with grace is a thrill, my basketball friend provided the Conscious Living Key called an Energy Map. This Key can be used to improve performance not just in sport but in life as well.

I think it might feel strange at first saying thank you more than once (or getting used to saying it at all in some circumstances). However, having witnessed the effects of the amplification of gratitude and unfolding grace I am excited to give it a try! Let me know how it works for you.

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