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light of HumorSitting in traffic I saw a bumper sticker that said ‘Give Peas a Chance’. It made me smile but both the humor and the underlying message were forgotten when I got out of the car. In my hectic life the advice hardly seemed practical. Upon reflection, though, maybe the ‘Peas’ idea is onto something. I have found Humor* can lead to a more peaceful Non-Resistant* attitude.

This happened recently when I was trying to build a website. The experience was frustrating at every turn because I did not understand the code. I read ‘directions’, yelled, prayed, stomped my feet, and nothing worked. The peace of Non-Resistance was elusive.

Finally, one morning when I went to work and got bogged down yet again, I started a conversation with my computer. I decided to experience every setback as a joke that the computer thought was funny. Even though it was not funny at first, meeting frustrating challenges with Humor eventually allowed me to view the whole situation with Humor. Slowly this evolved to a more Non-Resistant attitude and I was able to sit back and watch things unfold peacefully.

Now when I get a code error I smile, saying “Ha ha, very funny”, and realize that I have given ‘Peas’ a chance after all. Humor is an essential tool in my Conscious Living Tool Chest* because it helps build a bridge to things like Non-Resistance. How does humor help in your life?

(*Highlighted words are Conscious Living Keys)


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One thought on “Humor Peas

  • Liz Kuemmerer

    Great attitude C Grace. I have conversations with my computer all the time, but not usually with jest. I will try your idea and see how I fare.