Non-Resistance Practice

resizedLike many skills, conscious living takes practice. Recently I thought my son had won a competition but he finished second. It seemed that other factors affected the outcome which had nothing to do with the performance of the participants. At first I was upset, and then this became a practice session for conscious living. I remembered that doing your best is more important than winning.This thought helped me transition to my son’s practice of Non-Resistance (a Conscious Living Key) which he had adopted from the beginning. It occurred to me that sometimes we need a transition idea to move from reaction to non-resistance, or other Conscious Living Keys. My goodness, conscious living takes practice! I believe, though, when we share our experiences life school gets easier and more fun.

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Author of Conscious Living Short Cuts for You and Your Family. I write about practical things you can do, individually and as a family, to support a conscious lifestyle.

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