The Present Secret

Hot Pool The PresentLast week I learned a secret about The Present (a Conscious Living Key). I had driven out to soak in a hot pool off a rural road and found workers repairing a bridge next to the stream. I thought about leaving but I really wanted to swim. So after saying ‘hello’ to the crew I got into the water and focused on the currents and eddies, the fan tail bird darting around, and the heat of the pool surrounded by the cold stream.

In other words, I focused on only part of the experience while conscious of the whole. We do this all the time. Our brains are designed to filter our sensory input. We preselect our reality whether or not we are conscious of the selection.

A similar process occurs when we practice The Present. Ideally we start from a position of expanded awareness and then decide where to focus within that awareness. Once we consciously anchor The Present it is possible to experience a full range of reality while having the option of choosing any part of it. This is the secret of The Present. I did not desire road work as part of my hot pools soak. Instead of ignoring it, however, I acknowledged it and then refocused on what I wanted. This approach enhanced my practice of the Present with greater clarity and purpose. Perhaps you can try this in your life when you encounter road work and just want a lovely relaxing swim. Let me know what you think.

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