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“I love this sweet book! It turns out that you don’t need to meditate for hours to experience the benefits of conscious living. The insightful games in this book are the answer to a modern life that lacks enchantment, and they are sure to elicit giggles of pleasure and insight from tots to teens and adults of all ages. If you want more beauty, love, meaning and magic, try these fun, quick, and very simple (so easy even a very small child can do them) conscious living shortcuts for you and your family.”

Eleanore Duyndam (Media Producer and Mother of two children)


“C Grace Lewis is a bright, clear, consistent writer and Spirit with easy to understand concepts, approachable material from all walks of life, and simple yet profound and effective techniques that result in much anticipated life changes.”

Mackenzie Lewis (Yoga Instructor and College Student)


Conscious Living Short Cuts for You and Your Family is a wonderful resource for everyone, families and individuals alike. It is based on practical, spiritual and fun ideas of how to re-focus our thoughts and actions and be present with ourselves, others and the world.”

Liz Lewis Kuemmerer (Home School Parent)


“In Conscious Living Short Cuts for You and Your Family, author C Grace Lewis teaches her readers how to make a conscious choice to be their best and therefore happiest selves. She gives practical advice on raising kids and helpful suggestions on keeping life simple and meaningful. Do yourself a favor and give yourself or someone else the gift of C Grace’s wisdom, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jenny Ellington (Parent and Teacher)


“I am a GP in New Zealand, a mother of young twins, and active in the community. I access the author of this book frequently in order to lean like the reeds rather than break like a twig in the high winds western life buffets us with. I was delighted to pick up and devour the entire text of C Grace’s epistle from a mother with love, and to pick and choose like fruit in a basket the helpful shortcuts to getting there with joy and delight, rather than the look (and thick green skin) usually associated with a certain speeding European frog. If you feel like that frog – surround yourself with glowing white light and right click on the download… a lighter energy is already yours. If you are a frog boiling in a pot, you know there are other banquets….” 

Dr Rose Bruce


“I really like this book. As a Spanish speaker, it usually takes me awhile to get into reading English books, but this one I gobbled up so quickly. I could not stop reading…so that is a great sign. The book is written with love, with positive and great intention to guide, help and give excellent ideas on how to make our journey of life a better, happier and more joyful one! Do not miss out on this book for sure!”

Aileen Katanella (Parent, Teacher and Crop Swap Organizer)


“This book is so refreshing and easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking baby steps to create positive changes in their lives.”

Wendy Weeks (LMT, Parent, Massage Instructor & Life Coach)


“I recommend C Grace Lewis to anyone who, like me, needs to be warmly reminded that peace, forgiveness and gratitude are willing friends. She inspires inner peace, open forgiveness, and raw gratitude.”

Holly Jones (Musician and Parent)


“A gem of a book to help empower the whole family to live their best possible version of themselves, this book is filled with conscious living tips that are easy to put into action. It is a delightful companion for awakening families.”

Meegan Care (Body Centered Therapist,




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