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RI Tree The other night I attended a gathering of friends that I believe left all of us feeling more strongly connected. The experience led me to focus on Reinforcing Interconnections (a Conscious Living Key) not only at social events but in everyday life because I want to feel like that all the time. This focus brings greater meaning and fun to conscious living practice.

Here is a sample of quick ways I use to Reinforce Interconnections in daily life:

1. Put your forehead on the ground to clear your mind and connect with the Earth. This works for me when I do my morning stretching with three breaths in a kneeling position.

2. When you wear natural fibers like cotton, silk or wool connect with nature through your skin.

3. Find replicating designs (fractals) in your surroundings. These repeating patterns are all around us, for example, broccoli heads or spider webs. We too are part of interconnecting patterns.

4. Say ‘Hello’ or ‘How is your day’ to people (using common sense) and see where the conversation takes you. This supports connection to others in your community.

The list of ways to Reinforce Interconnections is never ending. What are some things you do to connect with life? Sharing this information supports a healthier and happier planet and people.



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