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Unity Consciousness PracticeWe can support unity consciousness or the ONENESS of all in many ways. One way is to release fears that create separation and another is to Reinforce Interconnections* around us.

As we integrate unity consciousness we strengthen our feeling of non-resistance. We arrive at a place where everyone’s choices are accepted and respected. That said, non-resistance can be challenging with choices like with crime or pollution that are contrary to generally acceptable norms.

These challenges show why it is essential to incorporate love into the practice of unity consciousness. I incorporate love into my unity consciousness practice by connecting to the feeling of unconditional love both as defined by Source (God, Creator, or similar concept) and as I experience it in my own life. In this way I see the world through more loving eyes and become aligned with non-resistance and unity consciousness as a way of being.

For practical purposes when I cannot simply shift to loving eyes with someone around me, I say to myself “I Release You to Your Own Process and Receive You with Love“*. The power of this phrase is that gives me the space to respect a person’s free will while at the same time to support unity consciousness regardless of that person’s actions.

Fortunately none of these ideas are new. Although possibly using different terms, other people are also focusing on ways to practice unity consciousness. I try to follow their Energy Maps* because the path is easier to see when it is already lit. What Energy Maps do you follow to support unity consciousness in your life?

(*Conscious Living Keys)

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