Supporting Abundance

key to abundanceOne way to support abundance in life is to cultivate the belief and feeling of having abundance. I know this already and yet I woke up in the middle of the night recently concerned about having spent too much money the day before. What if I could have gotten it cheaper? Even if it was a good price, what if I could not afford it?

The next morning I realized that although I believed in abundance my feeling of abundance had been undermined by worry. I was sabotaging myself out of fear. Sure maybe I could have gotten it cheaper. Sure things might arise so I could not pay the debt. Fear can be positive in that it encourages safety or protection. On the other hand, fear can challenge a core feeling like abundance without reason or cause.

I decided to shift my focus. First, I consciously acknowledged my fear. I knew that if I said ‘hello’ to my fear it would be easier to say ‘goodbye’ to it. Then I began to strengthen a feeling of abundance by amplifying other areas in my life where I experience plenty like food, clothing, friends and support. I also tapped into the idea of abundance as defined by Source (or Creator) so as to feel divine abundance. Finally, I visualized what abundance with money felt like from these enhanced perspectives.

It is an ongoing process. The more I focus on abundance the stronger my abundance muscle becomes. Consequently my Energy Map (a Conscious Living Key) for the process grows each day. In this way I am better equipped to deal with a fear of lack if it returns and my conscious living journey is anchored with greater clarity and purpose.

This is how I support the belief and feeling of abundance in my life. It is what I have found to work best for me. How do you support abundance in your life?

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