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honesty and trust dreamThe other night a dream I had reinforced the necessity of Honesty and Trust (a Conscious Living Key) for conscious living.

I dreamt I was in a massive garden with abundant growth and I was getting ready for an adventure. Almost everyone had left and yet I was still looking for the right shoes to wear. I had on flip-flops or jandals which were not great travel shoes. When I saw two other people leaving through a window I suddenly realized that I had to trust and leave without changing shoes. It felt weird because in normal life I am always so prepared, but deep down I felt the Inner Prompting (a Conscious Living Key) or intuitive awareness that it was time to go.

I awoke from this dream feeling that with greater Honesty and Trust in myself I could become more aware of and follow my Inner Promptings. I know that the more I tune into this, the stronger and easier it becomes. Even if you already have a strong Inner Promptings muscle, talking about it with others will support a conscious living journey together. Thank you for being on this adventure with me.

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One thought on “Honesty and Trust

  • Madsie

    Thank you for sharing your dream. There is such power in trusting our inner knowingness, however it shows up. I love that you are living life consciously & promoting this healthy goodness.