Unwrapping Conscious Living 1

unwrapping CLAn unwrapping (or unboxing) craze is sweeping the world right now with videos on the internet. Some involve unwrapping a plastic egg that contains small surprises. These have led me to speculate about unwrapping an egg labeled Conscious Living. I wonder what would be inside?

Perhaps some heart shaped candy to connect us with the Love Link (a Conscious Living Key) would pop out.

Maybe stickers would unfold with symbols of awareness like beautiful rainbows or bright suns. The egg might even contain temporary tattoos with different Conscious Living Keys to inspire us to stay on task.

What would really be great is if it had a Kai action figure. Kai is the name of the drawing my son made which I have used in my website and book, Conscious Living Short Cuts For You and Your Family. I think having a Kai action figure would help to bring Conscious Living ideas to life in a creative and fun way.

As far as I know we do not have a plastic egg with the label Conscious Living…yet, wouldn’t it be fun if we did!?!

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